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Suburban Lawns - “Gidget Goes to Hell”

Suburban Laws formed in Long Beach, California in 1978.They are possibly one of the most overlooked bands from the 80’s new wave/post-punk era. They were ahead of their time and incredibly inspirational.

Their debut single, “Gidget Goes to Hell" (inspired on the ’60s Gidget movies) gained the band notoriety when the music video was shown on Saturday Night Live.

They also appeared on the show “Night Flight” performing “Janitor”.

There is a little story behing the song “Janitor”, the lyrics were derived from a conversation between Sue Tissue and a friend:

«She asked me what I did for a living. I said “I’m a janitor”, and she thought I said “Oh my genitals”».

Sue is probably my favourite performer of all time with her schoolgirl attitude and her peculiar vocal style that put the band on the forefront of the avant garde.

They reached regional sucess but when it hit the street, sadly, the band was over.

However, despite a short run, The Suburban Lawns left behind some classic tracks that are timeless && i hope you enjoy :)

Flavor Crystals (1983) ; Anything (1981); My Boyfriend (1979)

Flying Saucer Safari (1981) ; Unable (1981); Green Eyes (1981)


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